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Windows are important for a multitude of reasons, but the main function is letting in plenty of light. For homeowners, clean windows actually help ease the effects of seasonal depression in the winter by letting in more light, and they encourage us to get more time outside in the summer. For businesses, a building filled with clean windows leads to a productive work environment with happy employees and customers in a good mood.

Why use our Bel Air window cleaning service? Because there’s a short list of maintenance tasks that are easy to get wrong. You might simply vacuum or sweep your carpet without ever giving it a deep shampoo. You might simply wipe down your counters without ever fixing those cracks and chips. You may have even tried your hand at house washing and roof cleaning, only to get bad results and a huge headache. Similarly, you’re probably only cleaning your windows from the inside. How often do you step outside to get the job done? Probably less than you’d like, which means that your windows are only being half cleaned.

If this sounds like you (or even if it doesn’t) you might want to consider hiring our Bel Air window cleaning service. We’re the #1 go to team for window cleaning in Maryland and we’re happy to take the hard work off of your hands so you can do what you’re good at (while we do what we’re good at). We don’t consider getting that perfectly clean window a science, but an art. Anybody can rub and scrub windows but it’s only with years of consistent practice can you get it crystal clear 100% of the time.

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Our Bel Air Window Cleaning Process

Our process is simple, straight forward, fast and effective. It also happens to be time tested from thousands of washes over the years. Using our water fed poles and pure water technology, we gently scrub your windows to perfection. This process irritates and lifts grease, grime, and other contaminants that have caked themselves onto your glass over time. The glass is then thoroughly rinsed with purified water leaving absolutely no spots or streaks behind. Afterwards we give it another pass taking care to pay attention to the edges, sills, joints, and other hardware.

To offer yet another piece of assurance, in these difficult times we made the decision to be one of the only Bel Air window cleaning companies to perform comprehensive employee background checks on our employees. This isn’t just something we do that looks good on paper, each one of our employees is a person we’d feel comfortable babysitting our children. It’s extremely important to us that we keep good company and we believe it’s something our repeat Maryland window cleaning customers have come to appreciate over the years.

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Above all else, we’re just plain good at what we do. This isn’t a diversion for us, but the thing we choose to make a living. Just like a surgeon specializes in performing surgery and a pilot specializes in flying planes, you’ll find no better window washing experts in Maryland than us. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Give us a call, day or night, and we will make any problems that pop up disappear as fast as we made your window streaks disappear 🙂

Real Window Cleaning Reviews

Charles Lawrence


Window Cleaning In Bel Air MD

Shaun came out to my house and did an excellent job on it! He is a very friendly guy and very professional. He also did an awesome job on cleaning my windows and screens. I thought the power wash would clean my windows but he showed me the difference between that and his window cleaning setup. He left my windows spot and streak free! I highly recommend hiring Elite Power Washing to clean your house!

Anthony Woolford


Window Cleaning In Baltimore MD

Shaun and his team did a great job! They arrived on time and explained the entire cleaning process to me. I would recommend the spot free window cleaning. It exceeded my expectations for windows that haven’t being cleaned for years. I plan on using Elite Power Washing again very soon.

Teresa Jones


Window Cleaning South Bel Air MD

I am very pleased with the quality of service I received from Elite Power Washing & Window Cleaning. They did my house, deck with pergola, fence, and windows. Wow, what an amazing difference. Marty provided exceptional service and it shows he takes pride in his work. My windows look great and are crystal clear! Great price, great customer service! They get back to you right away. I highly recommend you try them.

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