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Your house says a lot about you as a person, and ‘curb appeal’ alone might be affecting the way the neighborhood sees you. This means if you’re like most of Maryland or Bel Air, house washing is something that would make a significant visual impact – both to how people see the house, and also to how they see you. It might seem a little extreme at first but it makes a lot of sense when you look at how we judge other day-to-day situations.

After all, when somebody is always late to work, they get a bad reputation. When somebody doesn’t wear deodorant or pay for their share of a bill, they get a bad reputation. The person who wears the same stained t-shirt for weeks gets a bad reputation. Now what about the person with the dusty, dirty, grimy house? They get a bad reputation too, but that’s not the worst part. The worst part is that they might not even realize there’s a problem to fix!

As the trusted Bel Air house washing experts, we’ve seen it time and time again. Home-owners haven’t realized that their house has slowly gathered dirt, dust, moss, or mold because it happened slowly over a long period of time. Then they go on a vacation and come back to a house that doesn’t look quite as they remembered it. They’re finally seeing it through the eyes of a stranger, and that’s when they call us.

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How Often Is House Washing In Maryland Needed?

When it comes to home maintenance different cleaning services will need to be repeated more often than others. There are really no clear rules for house washing Maryland houses. We’ve seen houses that need desperately to be washed, and houses that could have waited a bit longer.

Let us fill you in a bit. Although some homes need a cleaning more than others, the basic rule of thumb is that Bel Air house washing services should be performed about once a year. After a year of build-up, the moss, lichen, algae, mold, and other microorganisms have gotten to a ‘dangerous’ level where you would greatly benefit from a house washing. We say “about” once a year for obvious reasons: any outside interference speeds up the timeline a bit. For instance, do you like to have outdoor fires or barbecues? It’s a great summertime activity but that smoke is going SOMEWHERE and depending on the wind you might wind up with a layer of soot or ash stuck to your house. In this case, you’d want an extra wash in the middle or end of the summer. Hurricanes, tornadoes, flooding, and even snow can leave you with an unsightly buildup on your house which necessitates an extra clean. If you live in an area with an above average amount of pollen or algae in the air, you might need additional vinyl siding cleaning to keep up. Regardless of your particular circumstances, we’d be happy to meet all your soft washing or power washing needs.

Real Soft Washing Reviews

Michael Hitchcock


House Washing In Bel Air MD

I was very impressed with the job they did on my house. All of the green mold spots were cleaned and all the black stains on the gutters were cleaned also. Front vinyl railings look great again. Well worth the money!!!! Would and will recommend their house washing to anyone!

Ryan Lynch


House Washing In Baltimore MD

The team at Elite Power Washing did great – scheduled them to clean my house exterior and gutters. Shaun educated me on all options prior to service. Came home today to a perfectly cleaned house and gutters that finally work. Couldn’t be happier with the house washing service.

Jim Kopp


House Washing South Bel Air MD

Elite Power Washing came out today to clean our house. I can’t believe after 19 years what they were able to remove,  it is amazing! The whole house looks brand new! They will be our go to house washing team every year after pollen season is over. Thank You Elite Power Washing!

- Low Pressure House Washing From Bel Air MD

The Soft Washing Difference

When it comes to safe and effective house washing it shouldn’t have to be an either or. With traditional power washing methods, ultra high pressure is needed to a quality and thorough cleaning. Using high pressure washing is effective in removing all kinds of dirt and algae, however, it is also dangerous! 

This is where soft washing is the solution. Our vinyl siding cleaning service uses minimal pressure (about that of your standard garden house). Instead of relying on high amounts of PSI to do the heavy lifting we use a proprietary blend of cleaning solutions to gently remove all of the grime from your home.

Not only is soft washing a safer form of Maryland house washing its actually more effective as well! Start today with a free house washing consultation, we’re just one click away!

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