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As a homeowner it probably seems like your work is never done. Your to-do list is ever growing and you’ve got a million things to worry about. Somewhere – pushed way down your list – is your roof. You know that eventually you’re going to have it looked at, and probably replaced or at least retouched. Well what if we told you that there was a way to put off that step almost indefinitely. A simple decision by you now will add years to the life of your roof, give your house better curb appeal, prevent water from breaching to the inside of your house, save you on air conditioning bills, and even improve the quality of air surrounding your house. It’s something easily done by calling us – your local Bel Air roof cleaning company today.

If you were to ask a home inspector the most neglected areas of a house, their top answer would be the roof, no question about it. This is a shame because of all the benefits a nice clean roof brings to the rest of your house. Did you know that a dirty roof can actually lead to water working its way into your attic? Without cleaning, your house is gathering mold, moss, algae, and lichens on it’s roof. Unless you get these up they retain water and slowly eat away at your roof. Because they were never washed off, you’ve now got nasty holes in your roof, letting water degrade the interior parts of your house. What a disaster! All of these pains can be solved quickly and affordably with our soft wash roof cleaning process. The best part is we even guarantee our roof cleaning service to be effective for a minimum of five years! To get started now, simply click the yellow button 🙂

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Dirty roofs can lead to damaged shingles and rotted roofing material, when things get really bad you could even have open exposure in your roofing. Snow and rain can get into these exposures causing huge issues! On top of threat of water damage in the winter, you also are now dealing with high air conditioning bills in the summer. As you can imagine, a dirty roof is a DARK roof. We don’t need to tell you that dark materials absorb sunlight (rather than reflecting it) meaning runaway house temperatures in the summer sun, meaning your AC units will be working overtime to counteract the heat. All of this could have been prevented with a simple roof washing service.

These same mold and moss that are capable of putting holes in your roof are constantly releasing spores into the air around your house. While the type of mold that grows on roof-tops isn’t deadly, it’s not healthy for you either. Babies, the elderly, people with allergies, asthma, or breathing issues are especially prone to these spores. A single call to us and you’re breathing easy because when it comes to roof cleaning, Bel Air knows who to trust. So now you know all the ways in which you can benefit from a clean roof, let’s talk about who you’re going to get to do it.

We recommend the Bel Air roof cleaning experts, with years of experience and thousands of houses under our belts. We can guarantee an experience like no other, and we stand by the quality of our work. If you need anything, day or night, never hesitate to give us a call. We serve the majority of Maryland and can help you in a timely manner!

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Lacy Marie


Roof Cleaning In Bel Air MD

Shaun and Paul did amazing! It was nice to be able to ask questions and chat with these two professionals. They were efficient, friendly, and really helpful! I got amazing before and after pictures of my roof cleaning, and they even helped clean other parts of the house for me! Great company, and great crew! 10/10 would recommend. Thank you Elite Power Washing!

Mark Kreis


Roof Cleaning In Baltimore MD

Elite did an excellent roof cleaning jobs as well as cleaning the siding. The house looks brand new. Sean was great to talk to and very professional. Great value for the price. I have to add that after the few rain storms that we have had since Elite cleaned my house the appearance of my gutters and trim has actually gotten better. The house looks better than when I built it!

Beth Griffin


Roof Cleaning South Bel Air MD

Friendly Professional Courteous service. Owner called when they were about 15 minutes away. I requested soft washing of the house and roof cleaning. They were thorough and left no mess. I will recommend to all neighbors and friends. I would say family but we’re retired military and settled here. I will definitely call back for next time.

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