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Imagine shopping for a car and coming across one that handles great, is good on gas, is roomy and has cup holders aplenty (if you’re into that). Now imagine that this car (and every other car on the lot) is covered in dirt and grime. You’re probably going to wonder why the owners of the establishment didn’t put in the simple effort to clean their money makers. As it turns out, cleanliness speaks volumes. Lucky for you, there is a quick and easy solution: Hiring us! We’re the Bel Air commercial power washing experts! We can handle all aspects of your commercial power washing maintenance. Whether you need pressure washing of your parking lot or soft washing of your building and roof we can take care of it all. Your perfectly clean commercial property all starts with just one click below to get started.

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Our Maryland Commercial Pressure washing Services

Parking Lot Washing

At first glance your parking lot seems like something that takes care of itself. It’s a dangerous mistake to make, and there’s a more practical matter than just aesthetics. An already dirty parking lot (or garage) encourages your customers to LITTER which translates into a snowball of downfalls. You don’t want to be the company in Maryland with parking lot rats, do you? Get a fast parking lot cleaning quote today.

Gum Removal

Customers spend more money when they feel like they’re in an ‘upscale’ area. That’s why if your parking lot, paver, walkway, or sidewalk is littered with old smooshed gum, you’ve got a problem. Your customers subconsciously start feeling like they’re in a ‘run down’ area. They remember New York City or Chicago back-alleys littered with cigarettes and stains of questionable origins.

Building Washing

When thinking about power washing, let’s not forget about the actual building itself! A grimy building is going to turn away customers before they even enter the building. Your customers want to feel SAFE, and a building that looks neglected simply doesn’t feel safe. In Bel Air, commercial power washing your building tells the customer “we care,” which sometimes is all they need to hear to trust your establishment,

Roof Cleaning

It’s not only about aesthetics, but property damage. Did you know about the dangers of lichen, mold, moss, and algae? Even if you can’t SEE the roof, these microorganisms are growing up there, slowly eating away at structural integrity. Our roof cleaning service destroys these organisms where they stand, saving you thousands of dollars in the long run and a headache in the short run.  

Graffiti Removal

The ‘broken window’ theory states that a single broken window is all it takes to turn a good neighborhood into a bad one. When people see that a property isn’t cared for, gang activity quickly increases. The same theory applies to graffiti, it’s just something you don’t want on your buildings. As one of the most effective ways to remove graffiti in Bel Air, power washing is quick and easy graffiti removal solution.

Multi-Unit Housing

Probably the most incredible thing about our Bel Air power washing services is the bang for your buck you’re getting. It just gets more and more cost effective the more property you have to be cleaned. That’s why we highly recommend our services for condos and apartment buildings. You already know that keeping the building, parking lot, and roof is important. Now you know the most effective way to get it done!

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